Arena Live

Arena Live is the next generation of in-play betting where players can compete with their friends to get to first place on the leader board and win the JACKPOT!!

Arena appeals to footie fans that want to have some in-play excitement while watching their match of choice. It’s a great way to keep players engaged by betting alongside their friends. The player presses the button if they think there will be a goal, corner, penalty, free kick or card within a determined time frame during the game play.

Each match has a buy in of 15 EURO. Of the total deposit, 3 EURO goes to the progressive Jackpot and the remaining 12 EURO is split into 12 bets of 1 EURO each which the player can use to bet with during the match.

Players can win between 3 to 20 EURO on a winning bet. All winners are displayed on the leader board throughout the game. Game settings The button must be held down for 3 seconds to acknowledge the bet has been intentionally placed and not a pocket dial.
The games, league’s and competitions are all customisable.
Our standard game settings include:

  • Premier League
  • La Liga
  • Serie A
  • Bundesliga
  • Champions League
  • Nations League

Additional leagues and competitions can be added at any time.

Risk settings

Odds are set at 4:1, for every 1 bet the punter wins 5 back. This parameter is customisable, however during the World Cup these settings achieved an average margin of over 20%.

The standard settings automatically remove matches which have odds of less than 1.3.

There are 18 periods of 5 mins in each football game, 19 with extra time.

The Arena risk for a Goal in the next 5 minutes is calculated on the average goals in each game. Last year the average goals per match in the premier league was 2.78, let’s use 3 as a benchmark.

If a player bets one euro in each available 5-minute period, they will have bet a total of €19 euros. If the average goals are scored, the risk exposure is only €15, a house advantage of 4€. We apply the same calculation to each bet type which over time averages a margin of 20%.


Branding is operator dependant. We will customise all to fit operator style guidelines.